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Welcome team

Welcome to the Deauville International Triathlon, do you have any questions? Where is the start, how do I get to the “Côte Saint Laurent”? Where can I find the hydro-alcoholic gel ?


You can go to the information stand at the entrance of the Tri Expo village.



During the week-end animations will be proposed on the TriExpo Deauville, on the finish line and also on the beach for each departure.


Live tracking 

For those who could not be present on the day of the competition, we offer a live tracking for all triathletes. You only have to download our mobile application.


It will also allow people present on site to have all the information in real time and to follow their triathlete more easily, during his race.


Green team 

Supported by our institutional partners and sponsors, the organization has been working since two year on a strategy that could lead us to our zero waste objectives, as soon as possible.

In order to achieve our goals, we also need you! And to help you to sort and keep the event place clean, we have set up a team of 15 sorting ambassadors who will be on the village and on the "spectator point" easily recognizable with their green jackets, do not hesitate to ask them questions or tell them areas which needs to be cleaned.

Here there are all the spectator points view where you can go to see and support your triathlete.

Deauville’s Beach

Come on the Deauville’s beach and see the start of the races, thrills guaranteed! Take advantage of the Australian-style exit from the water (exit from the water between two swimming loops) to acclaim the triathletes (only on the Long Distance - Lepape and the Olympic Distance – Loubsol races).

Full Distance's departure will takes place at the Deauville's Marina.

Boulevard Eugène Cornuché 

Be at the best spot to see the triathletes during theirs transitions.

Come and encourage the triathletes on the main difficulty of the race and enjoy an atmosphere worthy of the greatest biking climbs (only on the Long Distance - Lepape and the Olympic Distance – Loubsol races). With an average incline of 15% and the end at 17%, this 200m long climb is difficult, even for the most trained triathletes.


Over the years, the Saint-Laurent coast has become a true symbol of the TriDeauville for its difficulty, but also because of several hundred people go there every edition to encourage the courageous triathletes. It has an atmosphere worthy of the most beautiful climbs in mountain bike racing!

Comme on the top of the "Côte de Reux" and enjoy the nice point of view. (Only for the Long Distance - Lepape, and olympic Distance - Loubsol et le DO 750 - Carrefour Market).

Encourage the triathletes before the last difficulty of the route.

When you are coming to Deauville, it is an obligation to walk on the famous « Planches de Deauville ». There you can encourage all the 5000 triathletes for the last run session ans last effort.

Avenue Lucien Barrière 

What a prestigious finish on Deauville’s beach. Grandstands with 400 seats in free access (within the limit of available places).

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